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first timer
I've never bowfished but want to set up one of my bows for it,,,,,,,so would like pros and cons for using a recurve or a compound for bowfishing?

anyone have advice?

May set up both and mess with them to see what I like
Sorry for late response, I just saw this post :^}

I haven't bow fished in a number of years. However I did bow fish for about 20 years.

I prefer to use a re-curve bow for bow fishing (carp) just seemed to be easier than shooting a compound at the carp.

Used a "Springer Head" or a head that had two prongs in order to better hold the fish on after shot.

Shaft was a typical fish arrow purchased at any sporting goods store.
My daughter and I plan on doing some bow fishing this year. I will be using a recurve and she will be using a recurve limb wooden crossbow.
By the way good to see your post have not heard from you in a bit WoodMoose.

Hope all is well

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