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Getting ready for elk!!!
Well I may have a good shot at hunting with one of my best friends the GREAT SERBIANSHARK this fall.

Plus I turn the BIG 50 April 4th so I am dieting well and started hitting the weights pretty good. A little to good because I can barely move my arms today. I have not really worked out in several years


I curled 35lbs dumb bells 60 times

I curled French curl bar 90lbs. 30 times

Triceps pull downs on a cable 110lbs. 50 times

Knee raises while holding onto loops I did 50 yep feeling it in my lower belly

Monday; Took a day off

Tuesday; aka today I will bench incline 240 lbs. 4 sets of 12, Then stationary bike for 8 miles. (I do not run or jog hurts my neck to bad)

Wednesday will be another arm session again.
welcome to the over 50 crowd,,,,,good luck with the workout,,,,,

hunting with SerbianShark,,,we expect a detailed after action review!
I still cannot straighten my freaking arms!
The tendons above the elbow are so sore!!!!
I want to go
Woodmoose, as I said hoping to go it depends on his work schedule.

Arrowslinger, no problem but as I said to Woodmoose depends on Serbs schedle. I know he diving head first into fly fishing.
Arrowslinger lets make sure we talk SerbianShark into this when he is in deer camp this fall.
Biceps don't kill elk, nor do they carry elk, big lungs, strong legs, and back without a lot of mass is what I aim for, a little belly can be a good thing as I don't ever eat enough when hunting so I burn the fat!

Right now legs, shoulders, & back 3x a week, 3mi trail run 5x a week! Back pack cardio 1-3x a week sometimes substitute for a run! Weight any where from 40-150lbs 150# never too far maybe only a mile mostly flat trail work! Lighter weights longer distance and a lot of elevation gain!

100 box steps a day or hip abductor work 5 days a week!

And I just noticed this is a year old thread
Wow hard to think season is 4 months away Aaron.

Good program to follow for sure.

I was talking with Mike Beatty on Facebook last year and it's tough to find decent hills here in the Midwest.
He was using the backside of Dams of local reservoirs for training. They may be just a couple hundred feet in height but they are steep as hell.

Hopefully SerbianShark is up for a hunt this fall?

Yes you are correct I put to much emphasis on my upper body vs. legs and lungs

What make and model frame pack would you recommend?

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