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Rabbit season
Had a good rabbit season this year! Between a few friends and myself over 20 were taken with only having a single 3 year old dog. She became great hunting dog this year. Looking forward to many more seasons with her if the good Lord wills it![img]webkit-fake-url://1be72d50-f552-456d-aab6-f54b11c7392b/imagejpeg[/img]
Nothing better than fried rabbit!
Mike look at your URL it says fake URL?

Do you have this photo saved in a cloud somewhere? Also it looks to be IMG vs. jpg photo


[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=102]

This is the photo Buckeye 23 was trying to download

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Congrats on a good season.
Lots of rabbits and a lot of time in the field will bring out the best in a dog.
Sounds like you have a good one.
I miss the sound of a beagle working a rabbit scent

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