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Indiana Turkey
Got lucky this morning (hunting that is!).
Opening day of turkey season in Indiana.  Birds gobble early but are a no show until 7ish.  Called a tom across a cut corn field.  Came in behind me but spooked.  Semi-circled behind me and I took the best shot I had.  Knocked the bird head over spurs.  Damn thing flew right at me and I missed.  Watched it fly about 250 yards and then made it to a treeline.  I hot-footed it over to the treeline and spot the bird about 100 yards away.  Waited and stalked in on the bird.  Whacked it again and it started to flop, so what the Hell, shells are cheap.  One more insurance shot and I had my opening day bird.

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CEO of Porkapalooza
So you shot it 3 times?
Inbowdude please tell us you had a go-pro videoing all of this

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