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Indiana opener
Indiana's deer archery and fall turkey opens tomorrow.  I'll be out!  Best of luck to all hunters!  Be safe.
CEO of Porkapalooza
Ohios started this past Saturday, my daughter Morgan had homecoming this past Saturday and I had to many chores to do on Sunday!

Hoping to get out for a few afternoon hunts this week!
No deer, but I did take my first archery turkey in Indiana.

See the hole in front of the turkey. That jenny tried to hide in that but I pounced on top of it and broke her neck.

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CEO of Porkapalooza
That’s cool!

I am hoping to get out tomorrow

I've seen so many turkeys this fall and not a single deer.  Hmmm
CEO of Porkapalooza
Last year I hunted 21 straight days and of that I didn’t see a single deer for the first seven days. Out of those 7 days the first three days I didn’t even see a squirrel!

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